Bear Island Farms

Company’s Green Initiatives Benefit the Environment and Customers

The owners and employees of the Old Oyster Factory, Red Fish and Alexander’s restaurants have always been committed to providing customers with the freshest ingredients available. Whenever possible, fish caught locally and in the wild and natural or free range meats are served. Recently, they've furthered their efforts by starting Bear Island Farms, a garden near Colleton River Plantation, where they are growing produce that will is being used in the dishes at the restaurants.

In addition to what is harvested from the garden, the company is supplementing with produce from other local farmers and has formed a relationship with the Bluffton Farmers Market. The farm will also serve as a team-building activity for the staff. Other earth-friendly projects the group has begun include recycling glass bottles, harvesting run-off water, using bio-friendly takeout containers and converting used cooking oil into bio-diesel.

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